Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eggs from Martha's Farm

Every once in awhile Martha brings eggs from her hens into the office. They are Araucana hens and the eggs can be a range of colors from brown to blue. The were beautiful but we devoured them anyway. Here's the evidence—and yes ladies, that hair is for real. No fair eh? He just wakes up like that!


eduffles said...

Lets notice some things in the middle picture:

too little jam!!
Amazing Plate. I need it.
Horrible and ugly fork... at Martha Stewarts hub?!

Jessi said...

Yes I am in a perpetual search for flatware that I love. Haven't found it yet that's why we have the hand-me-down from roommates ugly stuff now.

Plate's from target. They are amazing.

eduffles said...

Know what is SUPER FUN?! To go to a second hand shop and find really cool unique pieces of cutlery that pertty much don't match but look just awesome when ALL used at the SAME time at ONE setting. Know what I mean? And with those plates -- you can totally pull it off.

(I thought that was the plate of food you were eating in the break-room from Martha Steward -- hence I expected better silvers... know I can totally understand. =))

Becca said...

Yea!!!! You have has taken me a million years to get on but alas here I am. So your eggs look delish. I think it is funny that Martha brings eggs to the office. Very random but cool.