Thursday, February 24, 2011

An Ode to Becca

Becca knows I suck
at remembering birthdays
and I still love her.


Your birthday occurred recently. I found out when you posted the pictures of the party that your real friends threw for you. I even called you last weekend about something totally unrelated to birthdays. I even thought as I was calling you I need to look up when your birthday is because I really have no idea and I might miss it. You weren't on facebook so I couldn't even look it up. I still don't know for sure. You called me on my birthday. I am lame.

Please accept this blog post containing an original Haiku as my apology.


eduffles said...

21 Feb.

Jessi -- you are 11 May??

Juli -- 19 Aug.

Esther -- 29 Sept.

Jessi said...


eduffles said...

21 FEB!!!!

Becca said...

Jessi...This is amazing. Don't you worry I took no offense! Sorry I have not called you back...I'm super lame and crazy busy. I'll call you asap this weekend my dear! Miss you!