Friday, February 4, 2011

Sighted...Trent's Nose!

So today I listened to a podcast on Lord Byron. Interesting character to say the least. Being the visually oriented person that I am I had to google a picture of him after hearing about how good looking he was. I did so and agreed, looked pretty good to me. But that's where things got weird. He was attractive bizarrely familiar way. Then it hit me:

He has Trent's nose.

Or maybe more accurately; Trent has Byron's nose.

Crazy! I mean the guy was not exactly the most upstanding person but hey. The nose of a Victorian playboy with notorious good looks and some pretty great poetry? That's awesome. Maybe a distant relation? I guess I get the best of both worlds though because he got the looks but not any of the adulterous or spousal abusive tendencies! See for yourself.


Byron's Nose

Trent (sorry for the dorky picture it was all I had at the right angle. The hair is a story for another time...)

Trent's Cute Snoz

1 comment:

Becca said...

That is the same nose...fantastic observational skills and kudos to Trent for not being a man-whore. I believe I am observing some straightening of Trent's hair in that picture...yes?