Monday, April 18, 2011

Trent's Latest aka The Unamed Band Project

Does unnamed have two n's? Anyways, Trent and our friend Makenzie played at a little local show this weekend. Makenzie has a fabulous voice and you all know that Trent is half a rock star already so needless to say it was great! Will there be more in the future? Will a certain drummer husband we've heard a lot about become involved!? Will Jessi ever start practicing again so that she can fulfill her childhood dream of playing the bass?!?! Those are questions. Stay tuned to find out the answers. In the meantime check out this video that was featured on Bloomfield's Patch page.

Seems It plays automatically which could be construed as annoying. If I knew how to fix it, rest assured, I would. In the meantime however I will assume your desire to hear Trent perform outweighs the annoyance you will feel when you try to read this post in the library and everyone gives you dirty looks for the noise coming out of your speakers. You should be doing your homework anyway. :)


Becca said...

I really enjoyed that and it did not bother me at all that it played when I clicked on your page. I found it quite magical and enjoyable!

Becca said...

Re-reading this I realized that I used "that" in an annoying manner. Curse "that" and it's enticing ambiguity.

Jessi said...

Also curse Effect and Affect!

Glad you enjoyed that though :)