Saturday, April 9, 2011

You can call me Master of the Expedition.

So a little while ago a blog I read did a article on this promo that National Geographic channel is doing for their Expedition week. They built a miniature set with a webcam on a train track and hid "artifacts" in it. Visitors can take a turn controlling the train and can take pictures of things. If you take a picture of an artifact they send a prize to your house! How cool is that? So creative. I've been a little addicted to it lately and TODAY I WON!!!! Check it out.

I took a picture of the whale and now they are sending me a book about the ocean instead of a real whale—which probably better for all of us involved (me, Trent, NatGeo and Nice Whale). If any of you need help finding whales in the future you know where to find me.

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