Monday, September 12, 2011

It's that time of year again!

...almost. Most of you are still holding on to the last of the warm weather but I spent the better part of my summer working on the Halloween special issue. I'm please to say that I'm officially a new mama. Or as close as I am going to be to that for quite some time. Due to some disruption in our department hierarchy I had to close this issue myself....BY myself that is. This thing is a big chunk of my work and I hope you all love it so much you can't help but have a halloween filled with coffin shaped brownies and tinfoil space costumes. On my trip to Alaska last week I spied this in the airport! There she blows!
Ps. I wrote my first cover line in this issue. Normally not the domain of the art director but my "introducing Motha the winged wonder" made the cut weirdly enough. I guess all those Godzilla movies were good for something Blake!


Becca said...

I purchased this a few weeks ago...Chris is obsessed with the tin outer space man. He has decided to make the costume himself. Way to inspire. I plan on having a wicked party and have some major cake baking/decorating to do. Whoot. You are awesome. I cracked up when I read "Introducing Motha"...and it was you that wrote that!!! My heart is singing with joy.

mike and juli burnham said...

Jessi!! Your magazine it amazing! I totally knew that "Motha" was you!! It sounded just like you. :) I'm so happy for you! (Let see if I can find anything else to exclaim) ;

Nancy said...

I see this one around now and I just giggle knowing it's all you. I must go buy it!