Saturday, August 23, 2008

IKEA: saving the universe one cinder block at a time

As a couple of newlywed students we've recently rented one of the wonderful 1960's era—not in a good way—on-campus apartments. Among its many charms are whitewashed cinder block walls, all florescent lighting, squeaky yet scratchy industrial multicolored carpeting and the ever popular curtain-rod-instead-of-a-closet-door feature. No microwave. No dishwasher. Oh and you have to hike two miles uphill both ways to get to the laundry facility.

Okay, so that last part was a little bit of an exaggeration. We are very happy to be able to live so close to campus. The situation isn't all bad. In fact, we have a grand total of
six closets as opposed to the one we have now. Six closets amends many evils. As the resident designer (no pun intended) my trusty sidekick Trent and I set about
making this dismal situation into a home that we will enjoy coming back to after a long day.

Enter IKEA

Yes that's in all caps I-K-E-A. Knoll Internation
al meets Walmart. Scandinavian design for the masses. Even students like us can starve for a week and afford a really amazing bedroom set. We are in the midst of the moderately grueling—especially if drawers are involved—set up process. Here is the point where I would insert pictures but as my camera is dead you'll just have to imagine lots of parts and bags full of tiny screws and oddly shaped plastic pieces. Pictures of the finished product are forthcoming.


Sue said...

I can help you make a cute blog if you like. That's all I do at work. If you want you can just email me some background prints that you like and I'll make the sides and stuff for you.

Michelle said...

yay!! you finally posted again! i'm so happy.

Nancy said...

Did you get the midbeam in that bed? That's one thing we forgot to get, and so we ended up sleeping in a crib until it came!

I'm so glad you finally posted!

Cori said...

A blog...I guess that means you are officially married according to the masses of BYU married students "you aren't truly married till you blog...haha". I guess I fall into that mass too, but I have decided to keep ours me @ and I will add you and then you can read all my ode's to IKEA as a married woman in a crappy apartment.