Sunday, November 9, 2008

Robot Spotted Kicking the Trash out of Arial and Papyrus

So I'm officially terrible at this whole blog thing. It seems kinda intimidating to sit down and write a witty and informative discourse on the state of the world every day. To try and fix my scared stiff state I'm deciding to take a page out of my friend Michelle's blog (Made Sweet) and just keep it simple. I'll put up some awesome stuff I find and we can all just be happy looking at it. Wheew now that the pressure is off I feel soooo much better! Thanks guys. I guess I just needed someone to talk to.

Oh yeah about the picture. So cute and so clever and probably taking way too much time: Helbotica made from everybody's favorite Helvetica. Besides Arialbotica would just not be as cool. Or as well kerned.


Lonely Anthony said...


Jake Daniels said...

That is pretty damned awesome. Just saying.

made sweet said...

love it!! you rock.