Friday, July 15, 2011

One Day On Earth

Here's a project worth supporting. DISCLAIMER *This video made me a little teary this morning so watch out* What a beautiful way to illustrate what this life is all about. People. Their decisions, their relationships, their beliefs. The news lately has been pretty doom and gloom and there is a lot of really messed up stuff going on in the world. It's nice to watch something every now and then that makes you happy to be living and reminds you that we are privileged to be here. Yes life is hard and messy and stressful but it's supposed to be and those things shape us into the people we are. It's awesome (and I mean that in the traditional usage) and humbling to be reminded of that we are all tiny but important parts of a bigger plan here.

If you agree the project is looking for funding at kickstarter.


Becca said...

Holy monkeys I blubbered my way through that trailer. It was amazing. Thanks for sharing. What a beautiful project to create.

MakieDoll | Makenzie Caine said...

LOVE this. Wow. Thank you for sharing!