Monday, October 31, 2011

The Birth of Our First Child

Ha! Made you look. Trent and I have created something beautiful together though. Drum-roll please....Trent's album is officially out! This creative pregnancy is a little backwards as he did most of the carrying. After years and years of writing, recording, editing, and mixing the album is finally done. I'm super excited to be able to post THIS LINK to itunes. Go check out that lovingly assembled album cover (my own little contribution) and feel free to give it a good rating, preview the songs or heck buy one or two! Reviews appreciated! I would especially recommend Ignition just so you can hear Trent's epic hi-register note that he sings. It's also available on CD Baby and Amazon and we did print a few hundred physical copies that we will be sending out as thank-yous to his supporters over the years. I'll try and post some pics so you can see the design in all of it's glory.

Sorry for freaking you out Mom but I couldn't help myself >:)

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sedromomma said...

Woo Hoo! I'm so happy for (and just a little jealous of) Trent! Great job on the cover too!