Thursday, November 3, 2011

Prepare to be Entertained!

The book I spent my first year at Martha Stewart working on is officially out! This is Martha's sequel years later to her first book which was also called Entertaining. It's a gorgeous beast of a book, over 400 pages of her parties and recipes. 

I went to the release party at Bergdorf Goodman's last week. Martha was signing away all night and we got to try an array of appetizers from the book, it was fun to taste all these things I've spent so many hours staring at! Here are some pictures from Kevin Sharky's Blog

And YES that IS my left side in the background of that last one There. You can also watch Jay Leno page through the book here

This seems so surreal to me! PS. It is not a full five pounds Jay. I had to weigh it the other day.

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